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Musk visits Norway to review Tesla delivery delays

Tesla's Elon Musk visited Norway to review service in the automaker's third-biggest global market, where delays have upset customers. ... Read More »

FTC Returns Almost $3.5 Million to Consumers Who Bought Deceptively Marketed “Weight-Loss” Supplements from Direct Alternatives and Original Organics, LLC

Money obtained by FTC and Maine Attorney General in two related cases The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 104,612 checks totaling nearly $3.5 million to people who bought weight-loss supplements marketed by Maine-based sellers Direct Alternatives and Original...

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FTC to Send Refund Checks to Consumers who Lost Money to Tech Support Scam

The Federal Trade Commission is sending refund checks to people deceived by the operators of an alleged tech support scheme.The refunds stem from a settlement the FTC and the State of Alabama reached last year with Troth Solutions over allegations that the defendants...

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FTC Approves Application from Praxair and Linde for Sale of an Industrial Gases Plant to Celanese Ltd.

The Federal Trade Commission has approved an application from industrial gas suppliers Praxair and Linde to divest a hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide gas plant to Celanese Ltd. The divestiture of the plant is required under the FTC’s October 22, 2018 proposed...

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FTC and FDA Send Warning Letters to Companies Selling Dietary Supplements Claiming to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease and Remediate or Cure Other Serious Illnesses Such as Parkinson’s, Heart Disease, and Cancer

As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure that dietary supplements and other health-related products are advertised truthfully, and that efficacy claims made for such products are supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence, the Federal Trade Commission...

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Nissan, Renault to issue first earnings reports amid Ghosn crisis this week

What kind of financial blow has the widening scandal surrounding Carlos Ghosn delivered to Nissan and Renault? ... Read More »

Battle brewing with Renault over Nissan’s next chairman

Renault and Nissan appear to be heading for a showdown over who will be Nissan Motor Co.'s next chairman, replacing Carlos Ghosn, who remains in Japanese custody accused of financial improprieties. ... Read More »

Subaru strains under production pressure

Workers in Japan are pushed to the wall to crank out cars, while a rash of production hitches has slammed Subaru's reputation for quality. And the problems are slowly showing up in America. ... Read More »

A price skirmish in pickup market

Detroit automakers are talking trash and slinging sizable sums of cash as they jockey for position in the most competitive and challenging pickup landscape in years. ... Read More »

Three Steps to Prep for Paying for College

Over the next few months, parents and students will be exploring options to help pay for college. For many people, how to pay for a college education is one of the first major financial decisions they’ll make.  There are many different ways to pay for college....

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