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Daimler boss puts EV target range at 310 miles

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche says electric vehicles probably need to be able to go at least 310 miles without a recharge in order to become a mainstream alternative to gas-powered cars. ... Read More »

Lutz helped create ‘Driving Machine’ tag line

Automotive legend Bob Lutz, a BMW board member in the early 1970s, played a significant role in raising BMW's profile. In particular, he is credited with helping create company-owned sales arms in Europe. ... Read More »

Hyundai’s first Genesis chief took a rare path

Glance over Erwin Raphael's resume and you might wonder why Hyundai chose him to run its fledgling Genesis luxury-car brand in the U.S. When you have a problem, however, it becomes clear. ... Read More »

VW brand boss sees U.S. emissions deal within months, report says

VW brand chief Herbert Diess said it will take months rather than weeks to reach an agreement with U.S. regulators on an emissions fix for 600,000 diesel cars, a newspaper reported Saturday. ... Read More »

Mexico plant to show off Toyota’s revamped system

Toyota is radically rethinking its fabled manufacturing system for the new car plant it plans to open in Guanajuato, Mexico, in 2019, a top corporate official says. ... Read More »

Infiniti unveils new performance branding

Infiniti isn't ready to take on established lines such as BMW's M or Mercedes-Benz's AMG, but executives say the Red Sport 400 series will get the ball rolling. ... Read More »

Ford trades ‘punching’ for profit in Europe

Part of Ford of Europe's rebound to profitability has come from restricting dealers from self-registering cars, commonly known as 'punching' cars in the United States. ... Read More »

Part II: Becoming an F&I Manager

Let’s complete our two-part series on becoming an F&I manager with a quick review of the basic nuts and bolts of the job. And let’s start with a quick explanation on why we have desk managers.See, before the position was created, dealers transitioned...

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How Dare You!

“My FICO score is 810 and I received an adverse action notice. I’m not shopping there again!”Few items in the mailbox raise the ire of prospective car buyers more than inappropriately sent adverse action notices. To avoid alienating customers,...

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3 Keys to Professional Growth

Our question this month comes from Damon in southern Illinois, home of Vulture Fest — a celebration of the vulture’s annual migration in Makanda, Ill. With them babies circling overhead, it’s a festive affair. Damon asks, “I’ve been...

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