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In-store experience lacks online efficiency, panelists say

Car shoppers want a buying experience as efficient in the showroom as it is online -- and dealers are getting that message, a panel of marketing executives said Wednesday. ... Read More »

Bentley Bentayga may receive a smaller SUV sibling

The first Bentley Bentayga SUV isn't even out yet, but the company is already mulling more SUVs for its lineup, according to Auto Express. ... Read More »

Save up — the future is a hungry beast

Anywhere on the Detroit auto show floor you can see healthy automakers branching out. Call it the vigor of health. These initiatives don't happen in hard times. ... Read More »

Ford will limit aluminum mostly to trucks, Hinrichs says

Ford isn't planning to use much aluminum beyond trucks because the benefits for other vehicles aren't as compelling. The company sees better, more cost-effective ways to improve the fuel economy of its cars. ... Read More »

FTC To Host Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week Jan. 26-30

Consumer Education, Webinars and More to Call Attention to Major Consumer Issue The Federal Trade Commission will conduct a week of events Jan. 26-30 to raise consumer awareness about the threat posed by tax identity theft, a scam that puts thousands of consumers...

... Read More »

Marchionne sees industry consolidation as a given

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne said further mergers in the automotive industry are inevitable, and questioned the way safety regulators are exercising their powers. ... Read More »

Ford says internal quality ratings rise following tech fixes

Ford says its internal North American quality ratings improved last year for the first time since 2010, after working through issues with its touchscreen systems and bumpy new-model launches. ... Read More »

Ford keeps IHS customer-loyalty title; Maserati takes conquest honors

Ford retained the crown in the 2014 model year for most-loyal customers, while Maserati won top honors for conquests, according to the IHS Automotive Loyalty Awards. ... Read More »

BMW looks at time as ultimate luxury

Time is one of the most sought-after luxuries, and the auto industry is using technology to give customers more of it, says Ian Robertson, BMW AG board member for sales and marketing. ... Read More »

TrueCar says app will help automakers know, target customers

Vowing to build a better relationship with car dealers, TrueCar CEO Scott Painter showed an early version of a new mobile app at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit that he said will help automakers target customers more efficiently. ... Read More »