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Ford probes fire that destroyed pickup during testing

Ford is studying a fire that destroyed a pickup truck during recent testing in California. According to a spy photographer, the truck, heavily clad in black vinyl, is an aluminum-bodied 2016 Ford Super Duty pickup. ... Read More »

Novelis expects to double auto aluminum production in 4 years

Novelis, the world's largest sheet aluminum producer, expects to double its North American production of automotive aluminum by 2018 or so from 2014 levels. ... Read More »

U.S. launches safety inspections of Southern auto suppliers

Alarmed by what it calls higher than normal incidents of injuries and safety lapses, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an inspection of auto parts plants across Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. ... Read More »

Supplier relationships cost top 6 automakers in U.S. $1.4B in profit, study says

The six largest automakers in the United States could have earned $1.4 billion more last year if they had improved their relationships with suppliers, a study says. ... Read More »

Death toll from blast at Chinese GM supplier rises to 75

The death toll from the explosion at the factory of a GM. supplier near Shanghai rose to 75, according to the official Xinhua News Agency. ... Read More »

Mercedes-Benz’s autonomous driving features dominate the industry — and will for several years

Silicon Valley is making waves with news about self-driving cars. But the most-advanced vehicles that consumers can actually buy today came out of Mercedes-Benz in Germany. ... Read More »

Toyota-affiliated Denso readies technology for other automakers

Denso Corp., the world's No. 2 parts supplier, is developing advanced radar sensors as it seeks to catch Robert Bosch and Continental in the market for parts that prevent accidents. ... Read More »

Chinese suppliers quickly finding a home in the U.S.

North America may seem like a distant dream for China's automakers, but that's not the case for suppliers. No longer content to export parts from China, a core group of enterprising suppliers is establishing factories in North America. ... Read More »

GM looks for alternative supplies in China after deadly factory blast

GM has asked its main Chinese supplier to find an alternative source of components after an explosion ripped through a factory in Kunshan, China, killing 71 people. ... Read More »

Electric turbocharger eliminates lag, Valeo says

French supplier Valeo has developed an electric turbocharger that it says eliminates "turbo lag." The new turbocharger is powered by an electric motor instead of exhaust gases. ... Read More »