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Tesla plans to build next factory in Berlin, Musk says

The electric-car maker also will establish an engineering and design center in Berlin near the new airport, Musk said. He made the announcement while accepting an award for the company’s Model 3 sedan. ... Read More »

Consumers want more personalization in online auto shopping, survey says

Just 26 percent of those surveyed said dealership websites provided a personalized experience and only 47 percent of websites "proactively recommend vehicles of interest based on the customer's browsing behavior." ... Read More »

Automated vehicle consortium recommends test-driver training, oversight

The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium recommends that an in-vehicle safety driver receive automated driving system in-classroom instruction and participate in closed-course operation, supervised operation and the use of simulators. ... Read More »

France warms to FCA-PSA merger after derailing Renault deal

French prime minister Edouard Philippe said in an interview that 'there are excellent arguments” for combining the maker of Peugeot cars with its Italian-American counterpart. ... Read More »

Alibaba-backed EV startup XPeng raises nearly $400 million, report says

The fundraising comes amid an increasingly tough financing environment for Chinese EV startups, which must jostle for attention in a crowded and competitive sector. ... Read More »

FCA prodded dealers to absorb glut of unordered cars, report says

Four dealers said Fiat Chrysler has revived what’s known in industry circles as a “sales bank,” Bloomberg reported. The automaker denies it has restarted the practice. ... Read More »

Chrysler Dealers to Appeal Claims Court Loss

An attorney representing hundreds of former Chrysler franchisees in a $1 billion lawsuit against the federal government plans to file an appeal that could make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. ... Read More »

Current and former VW managers indicted over labor leaders’ pay

Managers responsible for the VW brand's personnel issues awarded works council members inflated salaries and bonuses, causing damage to the company, German prosecutors said. ... Read More »

Mercedes plans all-electric variant of G class

A battery-powered variant of the venerable G-class, redesigned in recent years and one of the oldest light trucks in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, could help secure the model's future at a time when environmentalists are targeting heavy, less-efficient SUVs with high...

... Read More »

3 Ways to Improve Your F&I Language Skills

Learn how committing to simple, effective, jargon-free communication reduces customer confusion and helps F&I professionals sell more products. ... Read More »