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VW’s new way to sell Jetta

With the new Jetta, Volkswagen is moving away from the brand's traditional premium pricing in the compact sedan segment. ... Read More »

VW CEO Diess on tap to become Audi chairman

The Volkswagen Group's new CEO, Herbert Diess, will likely take the reins of luxury division Audi's supervisory board next month, sources at the company say. ... Read More »

Continental courts Japan as upheaval hits industry

Germany's Continental believes opportunity is beckoning in Japan as automakers there look outside their traditional keiretsu suppliers for advanced technology. ... Read More »

Nissan, DeNA expect early 2020s self-driving taxi rollout

To work through the technical challenges of getting into the robotaxi business, Nissan has partnered with the Japanese gaming and communications company DeNA. ... Read More »

A supercar club where 267 mph makes you the slowpoke

The competition to build the world's fastest road-legal car is something of a friendly rivalry among Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Hennessey Special Vehicles -- but a rivalry nonetheless. ... Read More »

At NAFTA table, U.S. lowers key auto content demand

U.S. trade negotiators significantly softened demands to increase regional automotive content under a reworked NAFTA trade pact in an effort to move more quickly towards a deal in the next few weeks, industry executives said Friday. ... Read More »

NHTSA seeks information on asphyxiation death in Honda Odyssey

NHTSA has reached out to local authorities and Honda to learn more about the death of a Ohio high school student who died of asphyxiation after getting trapped in a Honda Odyssey minivan. ... Read More »

FTC warns against warranty-voiding policies

Hyundai Motor America was one of six companies selling cars, cellphones and video gaming systems which received FTC warning letters about illegal warranty-voiding practices. ... Read More »

EPA details rationale for rewriting CAFE standards

The EPA formally published in the Federal Register its decision to overturn the Obama administration's vehicle fuel efficiency standards. ... Read More »

Jared Rowe returns to roots, named CEO of AutoWeb

Jared Rowe, former president of Cox Automotive Media, is the new CEO of AutoWeb, returning to where he began his digital career when it was known as Autobytel. ... Read More »