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VW’s ‘heart of the market’ BEV pricing strategy aims for wrong organ

The pricing plan for the ID4 crossover, which launches next year, ignores the company's egregious recent past. If Volkswagen wants to atone for its sins, its first battery-electric vehicle needs to be much cheaper. ... Read More »

Dwayne Hawkins Gives Back at Crown Automotive

The chairman and CEO of Crown Automotive Group has lived the American dream, created opportunities for thousands of employees, and offered countless car buyers a fair deal, all while devoting time, money, and resources to a long list of charitable causes. ... Read More »

Hyundai Motor Group plans to invest $34.6 billion in mobility tech by 2025

The investment plan, which has the backing of South Korea's government, encompasses autonomous, connected and electric vehicles as well as technology for ride-sharing. ... Read More »

UAW calls meeting of GM locals as talks continue

The UAW's GM council is typically called to discuss a tentative agreement once one is reached before taking it to rank-and-file members for a nationwide vote. But as of Monday evening the two sides had not yet reached a tentative agreement and continued to negotiate. ... Read More »

Harley-Davidson halts production of electric bike

Harley-Davidson has halted production of LiveWire, the debut electric bike it’s counting on to attract new riders. The news follows the announcement last week by vacuum cleaning giant Dyson to end its EV ambitions.  ... Read More »

Calif. governor signs dealer franchise, data privacy legislation

California's governor signed two bills that will allow auto dealers in the state to recoup costs for warranty and recall work at rates closer to what retail customers pay, as well as create an exception to a new state data privacy law set to take effect in January. ... Read More »

Faraday founder files for bankruptcy

In a proposed debt-restructuring plan filed in federal court, Jia Yueting will use his ownership stake in the EV startup to set up a creditor trust to repay his debts. The company said the filing will not affect its normal business operations. ... Read More »

U.S., China have ‘fundamental agreement’ on trade, Mnuchin Says

Bloomberg News reported earlier Monday that China wants further talks as soon as the end of October to hammer out the details of the “phase one” trade deal touted Friday by Trump. ... Read More »

Sources: Tesla Wants Back in Dealership Game, Seeks Loophole

Electrek reports Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to open ‘Tesla Centers’ around the U.S., once again challenging rules against direct-to-consumer sales. Sources say the firm’s Electric division could provide a workaround. ... Read More »

Supplier Faurecia to buy full control of SAS venture from Continental

Faurecia said it would buy the remaining 50 percent stake in the interior module joint venture for $248 million in a deal that's expected to close in early 2020. ... Read More »