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Renault-Nissan to replace powertrain chief as problems mount, report says

The Renault-Nissan alliance is replacing its top executive in charge of combining the carmakers' engines and gearboxes, sources told Reuters, as tightening emissions regulations expose the slow pace of integration so far. ... Read More »

Infiniti global sales on track for record year, chief says

Infiniti will likely end 2016 with record sales well beyond the 215,000 vehicles it sold worldwide last year, the Japanese brand's global chief told Reuters. ... Read More »

Contact lens tech could revolutionize electric vehicles

A plastic based on soft contact-lens technology may solve some of the biggest challenges facing electric vehicles by letting them recharge in seconds and travel from London to Edinburgh without stopping, scientists say. ... Read More »

DealerStar DMS myCarfax Service Shop Program Integration

CLERMONT, Fla. — Software maker DealerStar has integrated Carfax’s myCarfax Service Shop tools into its dealership management system. Dealerships using the DealerStar DMS can now join the Carfax program and take advantage of free resources like Carfax...

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Car and Driver Reveals Winners of First ’10Best Trucks and SUVs’ Awards

NEW YORK — Automotive enthusiast magazine Car and Driver today unveiled its first ever “10Best Trucks and SUVs” list, recognizing 2017’s best trucks, SUVs, and crossover vehicles with base prices under $80,000.An expansion of the 10Best...

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Alliance moves to block EPA from finalizing mpg rules

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers late Monday urged congressional negotiators to include language in a short-term budget resolution that would bar the Obama administration from finalizing mpg rules before it leaves office next month. ... Read More »

The Facts of Leasing

Leasing has definitely made headlines this year, as it continues to trend up in both new- and used-vehicle markets. So is your dealership taking advantage? More importantly, with used-car lease volume surging 43% over the last two years, is your pre-owned department...

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Ditch the Interview

“In the event of your untimely death, who would be responsible for making the payments?” The question still sends shivers down my spine. Yet, it’s only one of many intrusive questions F&I managers across the country are instructed to ask when...

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Selling Solutions, Not Products

The two abilities that enable any F&I professional to rise to the top are a high level of creativity and the ability to use that creativity to help customers see problems that may not initially be visible to them. Selling is all about solving problems. I know,...

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BMW says 120 vehicles damaged in S.C. train derailment

About 120 BMW X models were damaged when train cars carrying the vehicles derailed on Sunday afternoon en route to the Port of Charleston, S.C., for export to overseas markets. ... Read More »