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Toyota lures another partner into its orbit

Toyota and Suzuki say they will consider partnering. But behind the scenes before last week's announcement, two scions pondered their changing worlds. ... Read More »

FCA workers vote on Canada labor pact

Fiat Chrysler workers represented by the Canadian union Unifor will vote today on whether to ratify a new four-year labor contract with the automaker. ... Read More »

Lincoln brass is smiling again

Lincoln's effort to claw its way back onto customers' shopping lists is as much about customers' experiences with their vehicles as the vehicles themselves. ... Read More »

How the Prius rebounded in Mexico

Toyota had high hopes when it brought the Prius to Mexico in 2010. After an initial flop, those hopes are finally being realized, thanks to a lower price and shrewd marketing. ... Read More »

FCA prepared to slot new product at Brampton, Ontario, plant, union says

Fiat Chrysler could assign new vehicles to its Brampton, Ontario, assembly plant as early as 2020 if the Canadian and Ontario governments provide financial support for the project. ... Read More »

Mitsubishi’s concepts are about to get real

Mitsubishi's crossover concepts have been a familiar sight at auto shows. But next year, those debuts will stop being concepts and start becoming production models. ... Read More »

Acura still waiting for NSX’s halo effect

Acura has long hoped that having a 573-hp awd hybrid supercar might help put an exclamation point on the rest of the brand's performance chops and, in turn, sell more vehicles. That hasn't happened yet. ... Read More »

Automakers depend on the kindness of hackers

It's become an industry practice to rely on strangers around the world to identify and report software vulnerabilities in vehicles. ... Read More »

VW to pay $175 million to U.S. lawyers suing over emissions

Volkswagen agreed to pay $175 million to U.S. lawyers suing the German automaker on behalf of 475,000 owners of vehicles that violate U.S. emissions rules, Reuters reported. In August, lawyers sought up to $332. ... Read More »

Ford freshens C-Max for 2017

The C-Max hybrid may be nearing the end of the line but Ford has freshened it, albeit slightly, for 2017. ... Read More »