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FTC Returns Money to Victims of Debt Collection Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 3,446 checks totaling more than $830,000 to people who lost money to Centro Natural Corp and Sumore LLC, a telemarketing scheme whose operators were banned from debt collection and telemarketing under a settlement with...

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FTC Announces Agenda for Dec. 7 Fall Tech Series Event on Smart TV

Consumer Protection Bureau Director Jessica Rich Will Provide Opening Remarks The Federal Trade Commission announced the agenda for its Dec. 7 Fall Tech Event on Smart TV. With virtually all new television delivery devices now capable of tracking consumers’...

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FTC Seeks to Study Class Action Settlements

Agency to Analyze the Effectiveness of Class Action Settlement Notice Programs To study of the effectiveness of various class action settlement notice programs, the Federal Trade Commission has issued orders to eight claims administrators, requiring them to provide...

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L.A.’s star rises again

After several years of C-list debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the 2016 iteration is back with a vengeance -- and some relevance. L.A. ... Read More »

Toyota warming to the idea of electric vehicles

Longtime electric-car skeptic Toyota Motor Corp. is cracking the door for battery-powered vehicles to join its lineup -- at least for compliance purposes. ... Read More »

Keeping track of F&I chargebacks

As dealers work to bolster FandI profits, it's vital they keep a close watch on chargebacks. ... Read More »

Subaru steps up quality control after stumbles

Subaru has been unstoppable for nearly a decade, but that explosive growth is starting to spawn quality problems and chip into profits. ... Read More »

Tesla owners plagued by service delays

Tesla Model S and Model X owners report long waits to schedule service appointments - from routine checkups to more pressing issues such as faulty door latches and suspicious engine noises. ... Read More »

Marketers keep an eye on NFL ratings decline

Automakers such as Hyundai Motor Co. - which has a prestigious league sponsorship deal - and Nissan are watching closely as America's favorite TV sport shows rare signs of vulnerability. ... Read More »

Unifor deals leave unanswered questions

Although Canadian Detroit 3 contract deals seem to have improved the country's industry, a number of unanswered questions remain. ... Read More »