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Margins, costs threaten luxury-store values

Dealership acquisitions were down in the first half of 2016, though multistore deals were up. ... Read More »

Radio ID system welcomes service customers by name

A Nissan dealership in Texas utilizes a new system that has helped exceed its targeted service revenue. ... Read More »

Louisiana flooding takes toll on dealerships’ employees

As floodwaters slowly recede in the area around Baton Rouge, La., auto dealerships are trying to do business with a limited number of employees, many of whom are dealing with losses of their own. ... Read More »

Four ways to support your community’s fight against elder financial exploitation

Financial exploitation robs millions of older people of their money and property annually.  To prevent and respond to the growing crisis of elder financial exploitation, people are working together in hundreds of communities across our nation.  ... Read More »

Toyota restarts production in Venezuela after six months

Toyota said it restarted its Venezuelan factory after six months without producing vehicles because of hard currency shortages, good news for the South American nation suffering a roiling recession that has closed many factories. ... Read More »

Routes diverge in the race to remove the fallible driver

Ford has staked its future on a grandiose moonshot, taking more time to test exhaustively before making one giant leap to full automation. ... Read More »

Bentley’s new course begins with Bentayga

For Bentley and its U.S. dealers the Bentayga ultraluxury SUV marks an opportunity to reboot, repolish and chart a new course. ... Read More »

Store turns Pokemon Go players into vehicle buyers

Street Toyota salesman Nick Schuman has found a way to catch Pokémon and customers at the same time. By playing off the latest craze, he can build rapport in a low-key way with consumers drawn to his store's lots. ... Read More »

Hyundai’s startup mindset

Hyundai's partnership with Amazon's Alexa shows how a startup mentality puts it at the front of the pack. ... Read More »

Mahle plans new powertrain r&d operation in Mich.

Mahle Industries is moving its powertrain division within suburban Detroit as part of a $16 million expansion. ... Read More »