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Volvo hopes to change thinking about EVs

After overcoming doubts that engine size dramatically affected vehicle power, the automaker sees its next challenge as showing consumers that batteries don't drastically change their driving experience. ... Read More »

Harvey’s first strike leaves ‘catastrophic’ flooding in Texas

As Harvey's winds die down, trouble for Texas may have just begun with forecasts for unprecedented flooding in Houston. In addition, auto shippers, manufacturers and retailers face potential disruptions. ... Read More »

Potent partnership for Acura, Penske

Roger Penske and Acura are teaming up on a car that could boost the brand's performance image and help Penske fulfill a dream. ... Read More »

Performance line for Toyota brand?

Toyota#8203; plans a "sports car" line that is expected to be a counterpart to Lexus' F series. But will it appear in the U.S.? ... Read More »

Artificial-intelligence systems require labor-intensive ‘annotation’

Taking a human out of the driver's seat requires putting a lot of humans to work behind the scenes. ... Read More »

Delphi thinks it can wean Europe off diesel

Delphi has combined two new engine technologies to make gas engines more fuel-efficient. But will it be appealing enough attract European automakers away from diesel? ... Read More »

VW’s hippie-mobile goes commercial

Bringing back the 1960s-era Microbus might seem like a fun nostalgia play, but Volkswagen has something more functional and potentially lucrative up its sleeve. ... Read More »

When the autonomous car meets city hall

While the auto industry is plowing ahead on self-driving car randd, cash-strapped state and city governments are just beginning to ponder what role they will play. ... Read More »

Auto industry prepares for Hurricane Harvey havoc in gulf

Freight transportation in Texas could be severely disrupted by Hurricane Harvey -- potentially delaying deliveries of finished vehicles as well as auto parts to and from Mexico. ... Read More »

Auto industry braces as Hurricane Harvey hits Texas as Category 4.

Freight transportation in Texas could be disrupted by Hurricane Harvey -- which hit the coast Friday as a Category 4 storm -- potentially delaying shipments of vehicles and auto parts from Mexico. ... Read More »