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FTC to VW Sellers: Don’t Mislead Consumers about Buyback Deal

Blog tells Owners to Get the Facts at Many owners of 2.0 liter Volkswagen diesels will soon be able to sell their cars back to Volkswagen AG for more than their current replacement value as a result of a proposed $10.03 billion deceptive...

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FTC Seeks Applicants for Independent Compliance Auditor to Assess Herbalife’s Compliance with Court Order

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking applications for an Independent Compliance Auditor (ICA) to assess and report on Herbalife’s compliance with and implementation of a judicially-enforceable stipulated order for permanent injunction and monetary judgment. The...

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The Interdependent Relationship Between Sales and F&I

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, F&I managers are some of the most resilient people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. These hard-crusted souls have the endurance of a long-distance runner and the patience of a saint. Quietly considered the best closers...

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Losing the ‘F’ in F&I

Our question this month comes from “name withheld upon request.” Name withheld laments, “At our dealership, the salespeople take the credit application, the desk pulls the credit bureau, submits the deals, obtains an approval, and quotes the rate...

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Habits of Highly Paid Sales Professionals

In the past 40 years, I’ve interacted with hundreds of thousands of car sales professionals who work for thousands of dealerships in 49 states. Every month, they start over again at zero, with this month’s hero going back to the starting line as a new...

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Tearing Down Dealership Silos

As I opened my garage door one morning to get the newspaper, a neighbor accosted me with, “Hey Tom, don’t you work with those conniving automobile dealers?”Motivating that comment was an unpleasant experience the neighbor’s wife had at a...

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3 Steps to Selling Road Hazard Protection

There’s no better source of product-moving information than AAA’s annual “Your Driving Costs” report. In 2016, the study showed that the annual cost to own and operate a vehicle in the United States fell to a six-year low thanks to a nearly...

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Why Trump’s politics turn Detroit upside down

As is often the case with Donald Trump, when he speaks, the world seems like it's upside down. ... Read More »

BMW takes on Tesla in new ads

BMW is taking direct aim at Tesla in new ads for its 330e electric plug-in hybrid. Two new TV spots don't mention Tesla by name. ... Read More »

Average U.S. fuel economy rises slightly in July, study finds

The average fuel economy of new cars and light trucks sold in July in the U.S. edged up 0.1 mpg from the previous month to 25.4 mpg, a University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute report said. ... Read More »