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Ghosn: Why we’re investing in Mitsubishi

When Mitsubishi Motors Corp. ... Read More »

Political donations point to pivotal election

Elections swing back and forth, but the race for campaign cash from the auto industry is typically no contest. Republican nominees for president have raked in seven-figure sums from auto industry donors in each election cycle since 2000. ... Read More »

Hachigo says Honda is just fine on its own

Suddenly, Honda looks like the odd man in Japan. Toyota just added Suzuki to its growing stable of partners, and Nissan is poised to take control of Mitsubishi. Meanwhile, Honda is left by its lonesome in the face of industry consolidation. ... Read More »

Why we’re investing in Mitsubishi

When Mitsubishi Motors Corp. ... Read More »

Canada labor deals may only slow the bleeding

The roughly $900 million Canadian in investment commitments that Unifor has secured from the Detroit 3 thus far might not be enough to fully reverse the long-term trend of auto manufacturing jobs leaving Canada, labor experts say. ... Read More »

Japan Inc. gets serious about cybersecurity

Japan's carmakers are still seen as slow to adapt to the vulnerabilities of connected cars. But with the advent of autonomous driving just over the horizon, Japan Inc. is finally getting serious about cybersecurity. ... Read More »

Toyota aims to assist, not replace, drivers

Toyota is in no hurry to join the auto industry's stampede to launch fleet tests of Google-style self-driving taxis. ... Read More »

CarMax’s certification check list fails Calif. law, court rules

A federal appeals court in California ruled that CarMax's component inspection checklist violates a California statue that requires dealers to provide consumers a 'completed inspection report' prior to the sale of any certified used... ... Read More »

Faraday falls behind on plant construction bills

A construction firm working on Faraday Future's $1 billion Nevada factory has warned the electric-car startup that it could face a work stoppage over millions of dollars in unpaid bills, raising questions about Faraday's financial condition. ... Read More »

The only thing on Autopilot at Tesla is hype

We should celebrate that Tesla has taken another step toward eventual autonomy. But the company's statements should be dialed back to reflect only what the technology is capable of. ... Read More »