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Automakers, safety advocates warn U.S. over rush to deploy autonomous cars

Auto industry and consumer representatives warned Friday that U.S. auto safety regulators' push to aid autonomous car deployments may be too aggressive, and urged greater transparency and public input in policies covering self-driving technology. ... Read More »

BMW relaunches U.S. car-sharing program as ReachNow

Six months after shutting down its San Francisco car-sharing pilot due to a lack of help from city government, BMW is restarting the program with 370 cars, added services and a new name: ReachNow. ... Read More »

Bosch considers stake in digital map maker Here

Auto supplier Bosch said Friday it was in talks with high-definition digital maps company Here and is exploring whether to take a stake. ... Read More »

AutoTech Ventures, armed with $75 million, scouts for startups

A California venture capital firm has raised about $75 million to bankroll early-stage technologies enabling autonomous driving, improved cybersecurity in cars, entertainment systems and other automotive next big things. ... Read More »

You have the right to talk to a real person

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You have the right to talk to a real person

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Visteon, former CEO Leuliette tussle over retirement package

Visteon is preparing to battle former president and CEO Tim Leuliette in court over his retirement compensation package. ... Read More »

Texas teen’s death spurs renewed call to fix recalled cars

The brother of a Texas teenager killed by shrapnel from an exploding Takata airbag said the family never received a recall notice about the defective vehicle safety device. The brother's comments came as U.S. ... Read More »

Lessons From the Indestructible Cockroach

When ranked among insects that contribute to the betterment of mankind, cockroaches would be near the bottom of the list. Yet cockroaches have remarkable qualities which we might do well to heed.Cockroaches survived the “Great Dying” between the Permian...

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Your Sales Manager Is a Criminal

Our question this month comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. I have no idea where Anonymous is from, but he (or she) sure does have a nice boat.Anonymous writes, “At our dealership, most deals are closed on payments, which are usually $30 to...

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