What We Offer

We offer only the finest F&I products and services in their categories, supported by the finest F&I service and training in the industry! Every product is vetted to ensure that the services offered by the product are backed by the most solid and reputable administration and insurance carriers. Each product is as gilded as the service that supports the growth of F&I profits and adherence to all of the laws surrounding each transaction in the F&I office. Our unique selling system that embraces the growth of F&I profits using a customized menu is based upon the customer’s needs surrounded by selling techniques that adhere to the law governing each sale.

We train your entire staff on all of the relevant laws pertaining to their specific duties in the dealership to minimize your risk of a lawsuit arising from an employee’s negligence or ignorance of the law. In addition, we provide training for the Sales, F&I, and Service departments to maximize profits! This selling system which we train from is called the ProfitCompli® Selling System. It is supported by a Sales Department properly setting up the initial sales steps for F&I. The system ensures that both F&I income and compliance to the law are always paired together for a highly effective sales process that starts in the Sales Department and ends up in the F&I Department. We continue to train through the Service department to identify additional profit opportunities and customer retention. Customer retention in the service department with increased F&I product sales improves a dealership’s absorption factor.

The ProfitCompli® Selling System has never been more needed by dealerships to grow their wealth and thrive in these challenging times. Since 1999, there have been an increased number of laws passed that must be followed throughout the dealership. Finance/Lease reserve has been diminishing due to lower caps by all lenders and flats paid by lenders. The recent economic crisis caused by the financial institutions has lead our lawmakers to enact more restrictive lending rules that will surely lower the ability of the F&I department to depend on finance/lease reserve as a viable income stream. The only real growth area for dealerships is in F&I Product Sales. All of these products qualify for additional wealth building plans, like retrospective and reinsurance, to even further maximize profits for the dealer and provide a more efficient tax platform for growing wealth from the sale of all the F&I products.

By following our selling system, you build trust with a more educated buyer. More trust means a more consultative selling approach. Customers make informed decisions in a shorter time frame to buy a package of F&I products suited for their ownership needs. A packaged approach to selling F&I is more profitable than the traditional outdated old school step selling approaches. Our patented selling system means more profits to the dealership and it reduces the risk of costly fines and lawsuits against the dealership that do not understand and follow the law. Many of our solutions are recommended (after our initial evaluation) to improve compliance and provide your dealership with a risk based defensible platform against expensive lawsuits and provide sustainable F&I profitability.